Services we offer

SAP Services

APPCENTRIC offers a full range of SAP consultancy services, including SAP implementation and development, SAP process improvements and SAP support.

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SAP Solutions

A PPCENTRIC offers a complete range of SAP solutions to compliment your SAP system.

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Next gen SAP UI5 or native IOS and Andoid development bring SAP to anyone, anywhere, on any device

SAP HANA in memory database technology


We can deliver SAP to anyone, anywhere on anything using SAP’s next generation UI technology SAP UI5 or native IOS/Android development using SAP Gateway, SOAP or REST services!

We can help you revolutionize your enterprise processes with SAP HANA! This modern suite of applications unifies analytics and transactions on a single in-memory platform for smarter innovations, faster business processes, and simpler interactions.

We can help you deploy your applications to the cloud reducing total cost of ownership and ensuring availability anywhere, anytime on anything!